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Urban Nesting Boxes

Urban Nesting Boxes

Artist: Liz Powell

Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm x 40cm

$ 350.00 inc GST
Urban Nesting Boxes
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Materials and techniques: Tunnel book construction using map board for sections, covered in digital images of sheds and walls I have photographed. Sections of the concertina are also papered with these as well as quilt template diagrams and Indian wall paper prints from a Victoria and Albert Museum publication. As the tunnel is opened and viewers peer down the “hallway” they look through to a collage of an egg on a nest. The eggs are images from The Book of Pictorial Knowledge (1955). When the tunnels are closed the concertina flaps at the entrance form an image of a nest (digitally manipulated from “Australian Foliage Birds” illustrated by G.Adams).  The ‘ nesting boxes’ all close up to be accommodated in a old globate suitcase.

Statement From the Artist: Wherever we are we try to make a nest or a home. I have lived in 15 houses before the one I now live in. For a while there I really felt like an urban nomad, my home had to be able to be packed up and moved regularly, so I thought using the suitcase was particularly appropriate.