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Tales of Daring Do (Special Edition)

Tales of Daring Do (Special Edition)

Artist: Liz Powell

Dimensions: 60cm x 40cm

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Tales of Daring Do (Special Edition)
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Tales of Daring Do (Special Edition): This is a series of books nested in a book box I have constructed for them, aprox 60c x 40cm. The cover of the box is embossed front and back with lino cuts using motifs from temple walls and non-European architecture and stained with inks and ochres. Inside the box, which opens like a book from right to left, at the top is a row of trophies that any explorer may have brought back for the Royal Geographic society at the turn of the century, then a boom time for the collection of exotica and the amateur adventurer.

Across the centre of the box are three books. The two slim volumes are simple concertina books which give a pictorial outline of a hapless adventurer’s presentation to the Royal Geographic Society. This august group was responsible for funding a great deal of the exploration and scientific collecting of this period and recipients were expected to write a paper on their exploits and present a talk to an interested audience. The hero of the work, the fictitious Alan ‘Jungle’ Stanhope, seems to have spent most of his time treading on snakes and hitting his head on low tomb lintels. The central book is the journal of the adventurous Alan, detailing his adventures looking for the lost jewels of the forgotten temple in the unexplored jungle. It is an altered book incorporating collage, lino printing, digital images, painting, handmade paper and text and has been digitally printed for this set.

The last book in the set is a tunnel book called “Jungle Perils in VistaVision” which refers to the craze for ‘stereoscopic viewers’ that came in early in the twentieth century and was still around when I was a child in the fifties. The viewer peers through four sets of bifocal windows to build up a diorama of a jungle scene.