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A Snail's Confessional

A Snail's Confessional

Artist: Liz Powell

Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 12cm

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A Snail
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Materials and Techniques: strawboard and foam core construction covered in flax and cotton linter paper. Doors of the confessional are inlaid with an etching based on a Japanese woodblock print of rain on the exterior and a lino print of a lattice pattern with small snail stamp on the inside. The pair of snails prints are also metal plate etching. The top and bottom panels lift up to reveal small postcards from the snail showing its travels around the garden. The two centre sections are lift out hard cover books detailing the snail’s confessions using etching, collage, block printing and text.

Statement: A snail has many things to confess to, including just being a snail e.g. eating the cabbages, feeling squishy between the toes and having sex hanging from a tree, but there is a secret life to the things that come out in the cool dark. This snail also wants to be a disco snail.