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Flotilla for Pacific Travel

Flotilla for Pacific Travel

Artist - Liz Powell

Dimensions: Variable; 5 pieces from 40cm to 60cm x 15cm to 20 cm wide. 

Pieces also available for individual sale, contact us for details.

$ 800.00 inc GST
Flotilla for Pacific Travel
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Materials and Techniques: hog gut stretched over cane bound with oiled linen thread, painted with indigo and soy milk, book inserts in hulls created with foam core and hand made and dyed paper; books are Coptic bound using a variety of papers including indigo painted and walnut gall ink on  tea bag paper, social studies books from 1950s, map of the pacific 1960, Gideon’s Bible, and pacific Flax.

Detail: Nautical chart of Cook’s Passage

Statement: Each boat hull represents the viewpoint of a different voyager across the same piece of geography – the missionaries, the European explorers, the Polynesians navigators, the modern navy and the arm chair traveler.